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Visualize fields in 3D
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T3RRA 3D is a simple web app that uses your tractor logs to generate interactive 3D models of your fields. Simulate rainfall and observe where water runs, drains, and pools. Target your drainage and dirt work operations to those areas that need them most.

To create an elevation model of your field you would typically have to do a separate survey of the field with specialist data logging software. However, data that you have in the John Deere Operations Center from operations such as planting, tillage, and harvesting already contains elevation information. We allow you to directly access this data and create 3D field models without the cost of extra field work.

No software download is required, it runs directly in your web browser. Works best with high accuracy auto-steer data.

T3RRA Drains

Automatically create guidance lines to drain field depressions
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This app allows you to analyze your field elevation data and find out where you have depressions which need to be drained. You can then automatically create drain lines and turn them into guidance paths suitable for use in your tractor.

Use elevation layers created in T3RRA 3D as input. Save projects to your hard drive.

Push your maps and guidance curves up to the John Deere Operations Center.

No software download required. Runs in your browser.

T3RRA Levees

Auto-create guidance lines for field levees
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Levees are used by farmers who need to inundate crop on sloping land. By dividing fields into small sections that are relatively flat and surrounding these areas with small earth walls you can create highly productive irrigated conditions for crops such as rice.

To maximize efficiency it is critical to have the correct flooding depth. On non-uniform sloping land it can be difficult to know exactly where levees should be placed to create optimal conditions. With a digital terrain model however, this task becomes quite simple.

T3RRA Levees automatically creates levees on your field. It is then a snap to export these levees as guidance paths that can be transferred to a tractor.

T3RRA Swath

Determine your pass-to-pass distance based on operation data
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T3RRA Swath is a simple utility for calculating the swath width that a field operation used. The app analyzes the pass-to-pass distances to estimate the width of the implement being used in the field operation. A comparison of the number determined here, and the actual implement width will give an estimate of over- or under-lap during the field operation.

No software download required. Runs in your browser.

T3RRA Terraces

Build erosion control terrraces quickly & accurately
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Terraces (or ‘Contour Banks’) are earth walls used by farmers to channel water off fields and control erosion. They are an important tool for maintaining soil health and minimizing off-farm environmental impacts.

There are many factors that influence the type and nature of these banks. One critical factor is achieving an optimal along-bank grade to control runoff. Using a digital terrain model it is possible to place banks at the exact locations required to meet this aim.

T3RRA Terraces allows you to layout terraces with a known grade and at known intervals. Doing this on a computer prior to going to the field saves time, increases accuracy and allows multiple ‘what if’ type analysis’ to be performed. It is then a snap to export these terraces as guidance paths that can be transferred to a tractor.

T3RRA Paint

The easiest way to create a variable rate prescription map
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T3RRA Paint is the easiest way to create a field prescription map. If you can draw a picture, you can make an Rx map!

Unlike regular tools, we don’t make you create zone boundaries, so there is no need to do the “click-around-a-zone” dance. We allow you to create a map the same way you would if you were using pen and paper.

No software download required. Runs in your browser.

Layer Deleter

Remove map layers from the John Deere Operations Center
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Do you have too many layer summaries on one field, or have you accidentally uploaded the wrong one? This is a simple utility to help you clean up your John Deere Operations Center by deleting unwanted layer summaries.

No software download required. Runs in your browser.

T3RRA Cutta

The all-in-one landforming package sold by John Deere dealers

T3RRA Cutta is the easiest and most comprehensive in-cab package for agricultural land-forming. You can survey, design, and implement - all without leaving the tractor.

Backed by the support and knowledge of your John Deere™ dealer network, T3RRA Cutta™ works with John Deere iGrade™ to allow you to sculpt your farm terrain to your exact specifications.

T3RRA Cutta™ is wizard based - it guides you through the landforming process, from elevation collection to to design implementation. Absolutely the simplest and most intuitive software in the business.

T3RRA Design

Professional desktop terrain design software built for professional farmers

Professional desktop terrain design software built for professional farmers. T3RRA Design™ has more capabilities than any comparable land’forming software package on the market.

T3RRA Design™ isn’t only for the big boys. T3RRA Cutta™ projects load directly at no cost. 3rd party data can be imported from many sources at reasonable, area-based rates.

Unlike the competition, T3RRA Design™ isn’t a ‘dumbed down’ version of some civil engineering CAD package. T3RRA Design™ was built from the ground up for growers. You don’t need an engineering degree to use it.


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